Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Whitsun Trip Day#1

Today was to be starting out North day. There was only one problem - we were pointing South. So we travelled down to the Winkwell windy point ( 6 locks plus the swingbridge twice) turned and arrived back at Bourne End in order to empty the loo tank. We were accompanied during this short trip by Iris and Terry, our friends from Aylesbury. DSCF0003After lunch we waved them farewell and set off North through Burko and Northchuch to finally moor for the night in the cutting on Tring summit.  As we approached Cowroast lock there were four 'civilians' talking to a boater moored below the lock who assured Brenda, who was hovering waiting for the lock, that there was no point proceeding as there were no mooring spaces available above the lock. She asked them for how far and they said that they had walked for 3 miles and no spaces. She thanked them for their advice and assured them that we were travelling further before stopping for the night and then ascended through the lock when I had it ready. Once above the lock it became apparent that there was indeed no problem with mooring spaces which left us wondering what that advice was all about.

We finally found an extremely quiet mooring in the Tring cutting, between bridges 135 and 134, which was also very dark due to the tree cover.


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