Sunday, February 19, 2012

The work begins

First nice day that I am free to work on the boat so it’s off to Hemel we go. Three new leisure batteries, purchased from Norbury Wharf chandlery, that have been kept on charge in my shed for the couple of weeks since I purchased them ready to install. I have also manufactured a set of recessed shelves complete with new panel to replace the plain panel covering the hot water cylinder in Jannock’s bathroom. MegaP was very impressed with the increased storage space and I’m happy as the new design allows me access to the plumbing without needing to dismantle half the bathroom – result!

It looks as though my work schedule during the Olympics have teamed up with the water levels here-abouts to try and limit our 2012 cruising so we are not planning much at present. At least it will give me chance to catch up on some of the outstanding, lower priority maintenance tasks. I forgot to take my camera today so I’ll try and get a piccie of the new shelving unit during my next visit.