Monday, January 04, 2016

Happy New Year to all.

This blog has been a bit quiet since August due to being very busy at work and not doing the sort of boating conducive to Blog Writing. However, over the Christmas break we managed to get Jannock back from the boat painters at Brinklow to her moorings at Bourne End within the narrow gap in the stoppages that were barring (or threatening to)our route home.
Unfortunately Brenda slipped in the mud on the towpath at Brinklow moorings and so I have had to scrounge crew from far and wide to accomplish our trip. Thanks to both sons, my mate Ian and the lovely Andrew and Sheila (AKA Capn and Mrs Beeky) for enduring some of the wettest weather I've ever boated in to achieve this task. I promise I will update this blog with all of the missing posts since August when I get chance to catch my breath. Graham