Saturday, October 14, 2017

Maintenance Day

End of season ‘chores’ day. Beds to be stripped, mats to be lifted and the subsequent washing to be taken home. The loo tank was emptied and the diesel tank filled up ready for winter.

The strong wind, the remains of another U.S. based hurricane no doubt, allowed Graham to prove that he’s gaining skill at getting in and out of our berth when Jannock’s sides are acting as sails and the weather gods are having a laugh. Storm Ophelia next week.

It all goes to prove that Trump isnt the only major problem the U.S. has, the devastaion reeked by wind powered fires, storms and floods make parts of the U.S. look like war zones. They can do little to stop the weather, sorting Trump out should be easier.

I could not work out why there was a petrol powered pump sat on the next pontoon pumping water from the marina, along a 15 foot hose and back into the marina again. Graham asked and it seems that they were testing the emergence pump that would be used in the case of a boat sinking in the marina. We never had that facility at our last mooring ;^)