Friday, July 31, 2020

Through Blisworth tunnel

Friday 31st July 2020

The heat of the day was lifting by the time we arrived at Jannock in the early afternoon, aided by a drop of rain.

We set off towards Blisworth tunnel. For a change, the temperature within the tunnel was luvverly, if a bit smokey and drippy. With Jannock’s new LED tunnel light we were able to admire the mineral deposits on the walls and roof more than ever before. The soot deposits of yesteryear reminded us of how smokey this tunnel would have been in days gone by. We could clearly see the rebuilt section done in the 1980s, as well as the patches on patches throughout. So many different shapes, sizes and colours of brick.

We have started using What3Words to identify our overnight mooring locations. Tonight we are at succeed.appraised.trackers.

Friday, July 24, 2020

A couple of hours then moor up.

Friday 24th July 2020
Graham went off early on the DiBlasi to do a car shuffle from Brinklow. I did a little light houskeeping, but only after a lay-in. On his return, we set off as the cloud broke and sunshine set in. There were quite a few boats about - private, hire and dayboats. We made our way to the 14 day moorings at Wrights Lane Bridge 'snack.cubs.yesterday' as we had to return home for a week.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Two flights of locks and a tunnel.

Thursday 23rd July 2020
Today we hit two flights of locks with the good fortune of sharing them with two pleasant and expert crews. The first was Braunston flight which we sahred with a couple of Kiwi's who had got many miles of canals beneath their boat. 
The second were a family of first time hirers with who we shared Buckby flight. The young lad steerer had gained a lot of skill in his short experience. Brenda suggested that he had a go at entering and leaving locks together. Reluctantly he agreed and then proceeded to do it very well. It made life a lot easier for the crews of both boats. One of the pounds was very low and not having the confidence to remain close to Jannock, he started going aground. Brenda explained how fewer revs, or even reverse would solve the problem. He had a go and was off almost immediately. They had enjoyed their holiday and were taking the boat back to the hire base. There was a box of 'free stuff' outside one of the lock cottages so Mumhad a good rummage and came back with all sorts of stuff for Gran, Grandad and daughter.
Cap'n Jannock fitted a new LED tunnel light during the enforced rest - marks out of 10 = 10. What a difference! It's so much easier when you can see both sides and the roof, but not dazzle on coming craft. As we were shutting up for the night we noticed lots of bats skimming for insects so we watched them until there was no light left to see them by.
Overnight mooring 'wolf.minimums.each' and today's video is at

2020 Cruising starts here

Wednesday 22nd July 2020
Yay - we are off! This year we have decided to record our overninght mooring locations by using the 'what3words' location recorded in the front well deck. Our mooring at Brinklow is '' if you want to see where Jannock has been since October.
By this time last year we had visited Liverpool and Chester and was on our way to Birmingham - city breaks all round. With all the extra time in dock, Jannock has benefitted, inside and out, with some tlc. Bills all paid and space reserved for next winter we left Brinklow at 10am.
The weather was almost perfect - just a little too breezy to allow for easy manoeuvring between the locks at Hillmorton when numpties can't decide what to do or where they are going. It was a novelty not to have to bob about waiting as boats are queued for locks. This year the Cap'n has been messing about with timelapse videos to record our travels. Hillmorton is at for your pleasure.
an early finish at the top of the locks (unspoiled.snaps.handsets) simply to get a take-away Indian meal from Exotica Bengal Quisine up on the shopping parade at Hillmorton. Definitely worth it - an excellent meal as always.
Our take-away order was ready to collect at 6pm, Jannock's bike ensured a speedy delivery (all downhill from the restaurant). We found out tha they will deliver to the towpath if requested.On their desert menu they list a 'Nutella Nan bread' , and on their main menu they have a 'design your own Nan bread' option. They reacted positively to Brenda's request for a 'Peshwari Nutella Nan' and wondered why they hadn't thought of it. She now claims to have invented it. The sun was still out so we decided on an evening cruise to Barby. New mooring location is 'deeper.thing.trick'