Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rigden-o-GiG #2

I left Jannock at 6am and went to do a car shuffle from Hillmorton to Whittington. On the return journey, the diblasi decided to stop near Hopwas. I pulled onto the path, stripped and cleaned the carburetor and all was OK again. Once back and breakfasted, we set off and almost immediately lost all propulsion from the boat engine. The gearbox had dumped all of it's oil into the engine bilge via a split cooler hose. I tried a temporary fix but the fact it had not worked was shown when all drive was lost again. I then placed an empty margarine container under the hose to collect the spilt oil and repeatedly poured it back into the filler hole to refill it again. We stopped immediately before Glascote locks and I fashioned a better repair from an old water hose and a jubilee clip. That worked!

On through Fazely where we met a highly offensive female live-aboard who decided to wind in front of us without signaling or indicating in any way what was about to happen. In Hopwas, as we approached the bridge past crowded pub moorings, a determined southbound boater refused to give way and barged (sic) his way through even though he had plenty of space to manoeuvre on his side of the bridge.

We finally made it to Whittington where I had left the car and so I took Simon back to his so that he could return to Salford. Brenda and I had a joyless search for pub food around the village finding one pub with no electricity and another with an Anne Summers party in full swing but no food so we finally settled for a chinese take-away eaten on Jannock. We then joined Terry and Chris on Grace again for the rest of the evening.


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