Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Late Turn-round

21st March 2009

Having finished the paint repairs to the handrail closest to the bank, today was turn-round day to access the other side. Brenda and I were joined by my Mum and Dad as well as my brother Dick and his wife Irina.  In sunny, but a little cold, weather we travelled down through eight locks and a swingbridge to Apsley where we moored opposite Sainsburys for onboard lunch. After that we turned around and headed back to Bourne End against a wind that was getting stronger (and colder) all the way. By the time we were moored up again the beef stew in the slow cooker was ready and so we eat a hearty meal and then abandoned ship for home. Although I normally use this blog to display what has been written in Jannock's logbook, Irina completed her report of the day in Russian so you've got my interpretation instead. That is seven different foreign languages we have had entered in our logbook now :- French, German, Czech, Italian, Greek, Chinese and Russian.


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