Monday, August 31, 2009

Funny name or not?

It was not bank holiday weather today, neither was it summer. Mediocre but dry is the best description. Graham was up and at-em at eight o'clock whilst I laid abed until my brain functioned. A full english breakfast was taken on the move so we were fed ready for the Atherstone flight. We whistled through the first two but then slowed right down due to all the slowcoaches and lock-hoppers that were about. Hey-ho!  At lock 4 we met a fellow blogger who introduced himself once he saw the boat name rising up in the lock. Alas G. got his boat name but then left it on Jannock. He also had to pose for a photo sat astride the trusty lock-wheeling bike. Sorry for not mentioning your blog but I can't until I get the boat name ;^(  On the subject of boat names this weekend:- I can see how a boat comes to be called 'Kazi Minghi', some just are, but 'R Swipe'?


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