Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Returning Jannock to normal

Saturday 8th August

We set off at 8am from home with a loaded trailer & car. All our junk plus enough extra for a fortnight cruise ending in a GiG needed to be re-installed aboard. We met the holiday crew exactly as planned and they helped manhandle the trailer, topped with the car contents, down the towpath so we could unload and reload in one. They had everything ready to go home and so G had a quick turn round. Back to Thame for a trailer dump, bike and Di Blasi collection and return to Jannock. then onward to Stafford boat club to stow the car and return for the off. The equivalent of a few hours hanging around departure lounges at least.

I shoe-horned everything aboard. I then read last week's log and was glad that as much milk and eggs had been left for us as we had brought. Jonny - I'll be making pancakes.

As the holiday makers left for home I was a good tour company rep and encouraged them to book for next year. No promises, or even hints, as to when they could borrow Jannock, but they seemed keen. No evidence of scurvy, but the B vitamins and yeast in beer failed to stop the biting bugs. I made sure G brought some extra anti-histamines from home.

As I bobbed in and out to the bow deck, whilst stowing stuff, two passing boaters told me how lovely the roses painted on the cratch table are - well done again Terry.

We then set off and moved out into the countryside, near bridge 56, for a peaceful night.


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