Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where's me buccaneers?

Saturday 26th July

We set off North and winded at Brewood wharf. Then back down the Shroppie to Autherly junction where Brenda executed a nice tight turn onto the Northbound Staffs and Worcester again. An uneventful day, unless you consider that it didn't rain. Something of an event this week - however it still wasn't much to write home about. Certainly not as photogenic as last weekend when I snapped a heron on the finger post sign at Autherly junction, all azure sky and white fluffy clouds. The Beeb were asking for weather photos so I sent it in on Monday. On Wednesday lunchtime news my photo was broadcast to introduce the met-report. Was I proud? Heck no! I was at work and didn't see it. Bah! We only learnt about it when Graham received a text message from Yorkshire.

Mid afternoon we met two pirate boats heading South. The crews were all thigh booted, tri-corn hatted, jolly rogered and be-wigged. It began to look like Panto season! Oh no it didn't! (ed)


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