Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Strappy sandals at Stoke Bruerne

Saturday 30th May 2009

Perfect boating weather, absolutely perfect. When we arrived at Stoke Bruerne locks we shared with another boat and had an easy passage. Outside 'the Navigation', whilst waiting for a southbound boat to pass through the top lock, Brenda was engaged in light chat by a couple of 20 something lads. Both were quaffing pints and smoking - lads in every respect but one; they were very very badly dressed in women's clothes - all except the black socks - in strappy high heeled sandals. They asked for a lift. I asked where they were going. 'The flower show' was the reply. There was no evidence of a flower show. there's now't so strange as .......

Out of the top lock and onto the water point outside the 'boat'. Brenda decided she owed me a pint so in she went with her purse and two glasses (so that we didn't have to hurry our drinks) and she was declared a professional by the clientele. She reckons she's been called a lot of things in her time.

We stopped just past Bugbrooke immediately before the new marina in a nice shady section near the bridge.


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