Tuesday, January 17, 2012

14th January for 2 years running

I have just completed updating the Jannock website with our cruising logs for 2011. Having finished the ‘single’ page (most previous years are split across several pages) I then went to update the home page accordingly and found that I finished 2010 on the 14th January – snap!

As most people now have much better internet speeds than when the site was created I will endeavour to migrate all the previous trip reports into single page per year as well.


2011 can be found at http://www.jannock.org.uk/2011.html and any reports of errors or broken links would be gratefully received.

Looking forward to 2012’s cruising now ;^)




P.S. Went to Norbury Wharf yesterday, en-route to Manchester, and purchased three new 110 a/h domestic batteries at £66 each – bargain, especially if they last more than 6 years like this last lot have.