Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More coaching

Sunday 31st May 2009

Another lovely day. Graham got up early and did a car shuffle from Cosgrove to Welton. He then set off solo as we had a way to go before any locks. We pulled into Wilton Marine in search of new centre ropes and then left empty handed to share the locks with a hire boat. It was a challenge to get into the lock as he'd got more or less sideways on as I made our approach. Knowing he'd only picked up the boat yesterday I was philosophic. After the Buckby flight, throughout which I coached him and offered hints and tips he said that he and his chum had been having a week on a boat every year for ages. I am now less than philosophic. He said " all this is the best of boy's toys". "All what I asked?" "These lock thingies, terrific game!" I pursed my lips like Minnie Caldwell (yes, I am that old) and suggested that the boy's toys had in fact facilitated the industrial revolution and changed world history.


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