Wednesday, August 26, 2009

BCN Explorer Cruise - Day 5

Saturday 15th August 2009

Another short easy day with a shopping stop.sBCNday5

We set off from Anglesey basin once the five boats that were moored offside of us had departed and followed Harnser down the arm to Brownhills for a provisioning stop. There were plenty of boats moored outside Tescos so we tagged onto the end. As we slid in towards the bank something under water guided us in and wedged us so tight that we could have safely left the boat there without tying off any mooring ropes at all. When supplies had been procured we had to reverse out the way we came in order to leave the side.

Once underway again we moved onto Pelsall Wood where we turned into the Cannock Extension Canal to knock another one off the 'to do' list. Up to the end where we winded in the entrance of the dry dock and then reversed towards the end of the arm to visit the farm shop on the main road there. Welcome back to reality with cars rushing past in both directions at great speed. After purchasing one of their ice creams we sat on the seat located by the canal to eat them in the sunshine.

Back down to the junction again in order to eat at the Finger Post public house.


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