Wednesday, August 26, 2009

BCN Explorer Cruise - Day 7

Monday 17th August 2009

Today is the last day of the cruise organised by the Birmingham Canal Navigation Society and most boats set off eager to reach sBCNday7their HQ building in Oldbury Pumphouse. We moved across the canal and into the basin at Wolverhampton so that Brenda and I could take a shower in the BW Sani-station. This objective successfully achieved we then reversed out again and set off down the Wolverhampton level with Harnser towards Oldbury junction and the 6 locks up to the pumphouse. Not long after starting I had to make a visit to the weedhatch to clear some plastic and rope off the prop. As we passed Factory Junction a permanent moorer congratulated us for slowing down nicely "unlike those others in our group"- Ooops. The water in the old BCN mainline was not as clear as the last time we passed down it, must be something to do with the number of passing boats. When we arrived at the bottom of Oldbury locks we were 6th in the queue and so Brenda occupied herself picking blackberries while we waited our turn. Out of the top and we continued up to Titford Polls where Harnser attempted to go up the Causeway Green Branch whilst we winded at the junction. We then retraced our route back down the branch and moored opposite the old maltings.

Our final evening of the trip involved a communal BBQ in the clubhouse with presentation of certificates and awards followed by some in-house entertainment from members of the cruise. Brenda received an award for her Perry Bar shower episode on day 3 whilst Jannock and Harnser both achieved certificates for reversing along the Tame Valley canal to the M5 aquaduct.

Many thanks to Brenda and Brian Ward for organising this great week exploring new canals for us, they will be doing the same next year but it will be in June and not August.


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