Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A day of passing without stopping.

Friday 19th June 2009

We arrived at Hillmorton, unloaded the car and set off towards he locks, Brenda steering Jannock and me riding the bike. Down through the three locks following a port, starboard, port formation in cloudy but nice weather but with a strong wind. The weather today is like April, but with end of October winds. Graham remained steadfast in his shorts but we both needed a coat or fleece - yet the cabin temperature remained at 25 degrees with no heating and the hatches open.

Just south of Rugby we passed nb Rosie. I believe it is Bill’s Rosie (intrepid explorer of Billy Bubbles fame) because of the SSR number on the side. No sign of life so we continued on. As we passed Brinklow we noticed Brian’s boat Kyle moored up also with no sign of life.

At the bridge before Stretton stop I  leapt off to run head and get the swingbridge only to be greeted by Terry Rigden who was on a covert Grace moored immediately after the bridge having her electrics ackled. A quick greeting was all I had time for unfortunately as there was no where for Jannock to stop.

We moored for the night just before Sutton Stop feeling very cold and windblown. After tea we wandered down to the Greyhound to see if it has improved since our last visit. Then it was very smokey, now that was outside and inside was very noisy. A swift pint of Robinsons was followed by a walk back to the boat to get the new free Three dongle working. Et voila!


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