Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mikron @ Winkwell

Not a lot of boating for Jannock this year – we’ll start moving north during weekends in August ready for our next 2 week holiday in September. This is all because of:-

1. We have let other people borrow Jannock on her mooring as temporary accommodation during July.

2. I’ve got lots of work this summer to do with a certain ‘sportsday’ taking place soon.

However, last night we attended the production of ‘Losing the Plot’ by the Mikron Theatre Group at the Three Horseshoes in Winkwell. The production was excellent and luckily the weather held off as well – result! It was nice to be able to have a few beers without worrying about having to drive home afterwards, we just walked up the road and slept on Jannock instead. Thoroughly recommend Losing the Plot, its worth making an effort to go and see if they are appearing near you this summer.