Wednesday, August 26, 2009

BCN Explorer Cruise - Day 4

Friday 14th August 2009

A shorter day with no locks today. We bade sBCNday4farewell to Longwood boatclub and set off North. After about 40 minutes we pulled over and went for a walk around the village of Rushall and enjoyed the nice sunshine and an icecream. On arrival back at Jannock we pulled the pins and set off again and found ourselves immediately in front of Brenda and Brian, the trip organisers, who always bring up the rear of the convoy. The trace for today's route is shown on the right. We continued up through Wallsall Wood into Brownhills where we got the bows stuck in a bush whilst trying to turn at the junction and became totally wedged blocking the cut. A little reversing by Brenda combined with shoving by me up the front got us going again. We pulled over again and wandered down into Brownhills for some shopping. New sandals for me as the old ones were written off in Wednesdays rain and some food for the BBQ tonight. We found some Ostrich steaks in Aldi so got them to give them a try. Onward into Anglesey basin where we moored against the bankside and soon had five other narrowboats breasted out from us. A sociable even was spent BBQing and chatting. The Ostrich was excellent and Brenda complemented me on my marinade and cooking.



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