Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New ropes from Braunston

A very uneventful cruising day. It was decided that Braunston lock flight was much more pleasant when :-

a. it's not raining and cold.

b. there are plenty of boats coming up when you are descending.

At the top lock we introduced yet another boat to the Jannock tradition of 'Cake Lock' and then shared the flight down with them.

Flower of the day - the dog rose.

We stopped on the 14 day moorings above Hillmorton flight where during our absence, tending to a terminally ill pussycat, the local ducks used Jannock's roof as a latrine. Duck poo is so hard to remove when it has been sun dried that I am certain - if you run out of araldite then squeeze a handy duck.


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