Saturday, February 09, 2013

Well late with the site update this year.

For the last two years I’ve managed to update the Jannock website with the last years cruising info by 14th January. Here we are , well into February and I’ve just managed to create the new page. It details the whole year for 2012 during which we covered 450 Miles and went through 295 Locks and saw Jannock’s engine hour counter clock up 10000 hours.

Since we returned to the home mooring I have installed the new cooker that Brenda purchased at the Midland Chandlers Crazy Friday event and also had to re-tile the kitchen due to serious changes needing to be made due to the aforementioned new cooker being 3mm wider than the old one.

As we are not planned to have a repeat of the mega-sportsday that 2012 gave us we are hoping to get more cruising done during 2013 than we managed last year. Herself wants to re-visit Llangollen and I want to do the Avon so we hope to meet some of you out there.