Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Still struggling upstream.

Wednesday 23rd April

As the light faded last evening we amused ourselves by watching ducks and swans being swept Jannock at a rate of knots. Swans actually look puzzled when they are paddling hard but still rushing backwards. We laughed until we realised that the increasing river flow could put us on ‘red’ boards and stop us going any further. Graham put out an extra rope out before we went to bed.

We awoke to a little sun and a reduced current flow and so we were off by about 08:30. Our lovely peaceful mooring was about to be shattered as a team of tree surgeons had arrived to work in an adjacent garden, still Collection

making good after the winter storms. Graham has been taking photo’s of boats that still have not been recovered after being marooned in the flooding.

The sun stayed out with little wind creating a lovely day as we travelled up through Staines, Old Windsor, Datchet and Windsor.IMG_0069 As we passed through the gap between Eton and Windsor the widebeam hotel boat Tranquil Rose was pulling out and so we shared Eton Wick and Bray locks with them. The cook produced a wrapped slice of cake for every lock keeper. As Eton Wick was on ‘self service’ when we started locking through I was disappointed that I didn’t get a piece. Once through Bray the weather started deteriorating becoming cold and overcast with a threat of rain. The hotel boat pulled over to moor at Maidenhead whilst we continued on to Cliveden Deep before pulling over in the pouring rain.

Brenda & Graham

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