Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day #3 as tourists in London

Saturday 19th April

Last night, we ate at Palms Palace, 83 Edgware Road which is about 2/3rds the way down towards Marble Arch on the left hand side. Both our meals were delicious and filling. Remarkable was that G. tried and liked some of the chilli olives that came as nibbles. My lamb shank was so huge that I had to ask him to help me finish it. It is also a child friendly restaurant with plenty of child-safe dishes. Middle Eastern cuisine and take-outs too – Jannock recommended.Serpentine

So, a late breakfast today, followed by a walking tour. Up to Hyde Park in the sunshine. Speakers corner to the old Police house and then onto the Serpentine. We sat awhile and let others others run, cycle, skate, rollerski, jog, scoot, yoge (a new CampDavidword – meaning to do yoga) and pedalo. Then onto Apsley house, back into the park and turning for home. We watched a squirrel collect and bury nuts (or near equivalent) Neither of us have ever witnessed that beforeBarleyMow in all our country years, but in London  . . . . .

We crossed Pall Mall at the new Memorial for Animals in war and found ourselves, eventually, outside the American Embassy. It’s a short way from our lunch stop, the Barley Mow, a lovely real ale pub just off of Oxford Street. My ‘pub radar’ is still at 100%.Sweetmeats

Almost at Edgware road we were tempted into ‘Green Valley’ (36-37 Upper Berkeley St. off Edgware Rd) by a splendid display of Lebanese sweetmeats. They have a good selection of take-out foods amongst many exotic things to cook and eat. So tonight’s supper was a Lebanese platter of flatbreads, cheese pies, kebeh and salads. Tesco provided chocolate ├ęclairs. Red wine. Perfick!


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