Saturday, April 12, 2014

1st trip of the year (belated post)

Sunday 9th March 2014

A surprising day! I was surprised to be agreeable to a day’s boating so early in March, that was due to the surprising weather. It was lovely, no clouds, no wind and shock horror – no rain in the forecast for days. The cabin temperature was up to 25 degrees of sunshine. Surprising was the number of butterfly species flitting about. More surprising was a child playing in the brook at the bottom of her garden in a swimsuit, in March, in England. And not surprising at all was that we had a disagreement with 2 fishermen.

There they were fishing in front of the winding point sign, opposite the new large red large winding point signs and refusing to take their rods out of the water, or even bring their lines in. We had to go nearer to then in order to get under their lines. They didn’t like it at all. We had signalled that we would be turning but they stayed put claiming that another boat had managed to turn OK without disturbing their fishing at all. At All? Unlikely. 68 foot? Not at all. One of them even pulled in a small fish, but tried to hide it. After all, we all know how boats scare all the fish away ;^)

Once pointing North and back on the mooring it turned into a cleaning, mooring gardening and maintenance sort of day.

Sorry for the delay in posting this one – just found it in the logbook.


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