Monday, April 21, 2014

Day #4 as tourists in London

Sunday 20th April

Merry Eastmas

Things we learned today:-

You should never name your children after cocktails. Daiquiri is NOT a person’s name! I hate to think what his sister is called.

Do not book the Royal Albert Hall for a concert if Schneideryour fans like to dance in the aisles. It’s not allowed.

You can eat a packed lunch in the Science museum.

The street where baby prince George was introduced to the world is fairly grim. More commoner than royalty for sure.

It being in the same area as tonight’s concert, we decided to re-visit the Science museum after many years. We spent most of the day quite happily mooching about and managing to learn a thing or two.

A quick meal, we went for an English in the Goat Tavern – excellent food and good beer selection.

AlbertThen onto the Royal Albert Hall for the reason for this whole trip. Graham’s 60th birthday treat was Bellowhead’s 10th birthday concert. An extra treat was Maddy Prior joining them for a couple of songs. A novelty was a group of four girls dancing Morris on stage at appropriate times. As ever, an excellent concert. Happy birthday Bellowhead, 10 more years please?

We discussed whether to alight from the underground at Paddington or Edgware Road. Which would be the shortest walk back to Jannock. My feet were killing me! We chose Edgware MorrisSlowGin

which was great until we found that all of the security gates  through the tower blocks to the basin were locked so we had to walk back to Paddington station and enter via St. Mary’s hospital. Bah Humbug!


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