Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day#1 as tourists in London

Thursday 17th April

Last evening, our friends Peter and Margaret, from nb Gecko, visited and we were introduced to their delightful grandchildren. They had had a good day out at Queen Elizabeth Olympic park and had a good time, so it’s on our itinerary for today. When our boys were small, after a visit somewhere, we’d ask them “best thing, worst thing and one thing you have learned”. I thought to pass this by M-R who was telling us much of her day. “What’s the best thing you did today?” I asked. Her fast response was “I got some new knickers!” so, Olympic legacy . . . . . I was too amused to progress to any more questions.

IMG_0016Our first destination of the day was Borough Market, recommended by friend Margaret, a foodie destination. We wandered around admiring the selection of veggies, Offalcheeses, meats, beers, oils, preserves, cakes – you get the picture. I was pleased to find that the Horseradish that I have just planted in my garden at home could fetch over £6 per kilo, and my homemade chutneys and jams are also worth the effort at “those prices”. We tasted some super grub. After wandering around the sweets and cakes our tummies began to rumble so we headed to ‘the Rake’ as IMG_0024recommended by ‘the Drinks Cage’ (stockists of bottled Vale beers) in the market. It must be the smallest pub I’ve ever been in. We sat in the garden and G. enjoyed  a pint of Jaipur (5.8% IPA) while I had a Peach Timmermans. The downside was they didn’t do proper food, many drinkersIMG_0020 brought something with them from the market. We regretted not buying fab chiabattas until we decided to get a hot Indian meal, in a box. We were stuffed with rice, two curries, samosa, onion bhaji and sauces for £15. Our dining room was the steps outside Southwark cathedral. Lovely! We then went on to find the Golden Hind, in dry dock. Interesting too were the remains of the Bishop of Winchester’s palace.

IMG_0030Then onto Queen Elizabeth’s Olympic park because I wanted to see it finished. Only open a couple of days but it was very busy. We loved seeing all the children enjoying themselves and have decided IMG_0032that scooters and roly-polys should feature in future Olympic games. It’ll be great when the waterways that pass through the park are fully open too.

Then we ventured into Westfield shopping centre as G needed some new trainers after a poorly toe. Never again; to think that some people enjoy that sort of shopping experience. I had a purchase in mind but put it back on the shelf as I decided that life is too short to queue for that long at the check-out. Your children’s shoe sizes could change before you get to the till. Even G. had gone up two sizes . . . . .

Then back to hotel Jannock for a cup of tea.


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Dawn said...

Brenda we were at Borough Market and ate our lunch (noodles and jerk chicken for myself and Georgette) in Southwark Cathedral and walked past Golden hind ......the day before