Sunday, April 13, 2014

A day with Fiddlers Green

Sunday 13th April 2014

Turning round yesterday brought an un-expected disadvantage after we had gone to bed last night. The previously un-exposed weed build-up at the water line attracted a hungry duck to ‘Jannock’s all night duck diner’ and we were duck nibbled for what seemed like ages. An odd sound at the best of times and not one you want when you are trying to sleep.

ApsleyBottomLockOur first day ‘proper boating’ of 2014 was lovely. Sunshine all the way, from Bourne End to Cassiobury Park, although the wind was cold in the morning.

As we pulled off of our mooring a boat nosed through the bridge. They were running solo and so we agreed to buddy up as their TwoFishers2final destination is London, the same as ours. Fiddlers Green is the new home of Ashley, a novice boater who is already very competent.

We shared with them for the whole day, travelling through twenty locks. Just before Lady Capel’s lock we came across competing fishers. A heron was stood fishing alongside a fisherman and his family. We commented about this as we passed and the wife stated that they had been feeding the heron with line caught fish.

TouranAckwa2Immediately after the same lock we saw this, a VW Touran body fitted onto the front of a narrowboat – at least I own the right car should Jannock ever need the same modification.

We passed down through Iron Bridge lock, resplendant with the ever present horde of Gongoozlers  and then moored for the night just before Cassio Bridge lock.


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