Friday, May 03, 2013

Spring is Sprung

Friday 3rd May

We took on vittels at Bicester Lidl IMGP3639en-route to Cosgrove and then moved Jannock up above the lock in order to load them on. The lovely warm day cooled rapidly as a few clouds heralded a chill breeze. But considering past bank holidays – Ssssssssssssssh don’t tell the weather or it will rain.

At Yardley Gobion the crew from nb Limelight were just untying having visited the pub for lunch and as we passed they agreed to share the Stoke Bruerne flight with us. Limelight is one of the Aylesbury boats that was recently craned out of the basin and back into the G.U. at Willowbridge marina. We happily worked up the flight as if abreast and made good time. We decided to moor in the pre-tunnel cutting at S.B. for the night and so had time for a walk over the tunnel and back to the village. A little fish and chip van drove past us. Oh the enticing smell, and us with empty tums. As we walked along the towpath back to the boat we heard and old school bell clanging and realised that the chip-van had returned – kismet – and there is a tin of mushy peas on board! Ships bike was pressed into action to fetch fish and chips with the planned dinner being consigned to the fridge for tomorrow.

IMG_0052If you happen to be in Stoke Bruerne on a Friday night, just before 6 pm, you can get excellent well cooked fish in a light crispy batter and chips from the bottom of the museum car park. It’s one of three stops in the village. They were all washed down with an excellent pint (or two) of Vale Breweries latest special “One Ton Morris”.

It’s a nice mooring here, all we can hear are the birds.

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