Monday, May 27, 2013

Another long weekend–another beer festival missed.

Monday 27th May

Some towns are hard to leave, but Stone proved better than usual due to the number of boats moving in both directions. It made every lock so much missed againeasier. I was saddened to find that I have missed yet another beer festival by several weeks.

Today’s good deed was a bit of pill peddling. At bridge 101 we managed to strike a southbound boat as we both tried to pass a boat moored against the piling in the entrance of the bridge. The crew on the moored boat were distressed, a disc had been slipped and no para-profen type drugs. My family take the mickey because I always keep a full first-aid kit but they are the first to offer pharmaceuticals from it to the suffering. Once we had reversed and handed over a box of Ibruprofen we continued north meeting very little southbound traffic.

Once we had cleared the Stoke flight we moored up just past festival park so that I could wander over the canal to the Wedgewood – Royal Doulton outlet shop. So many lovely pieces, but not WorkingBoat2a lifestyle between us, so I bought nowt. What really tempted me was a holiday souvenir; a black Jaspar wall plate, only £2, for the Cayman Islands. Too daft a thought even for me.

The promised rain started as we moved on towards West Port lake so we were pleased to moor early because we are meeting up with Terry & Christine (nb Grace) there this evening.

As we cruised through the 6 towns it is plain to see how times have changed. Through our canalling years we have watched factories close, buildings decay, the flora and fauna take over and then sites are cleared and new industry is established. A lot of heritage is lost, but bottle kilns are still present and folk need jobs. Hey ho!


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