Saturday, May 25, 2013

Another long weekend–wake up and smell the Lilac

Saturday 25th May

We awoke to a much better day today. Graham was up and off by 08:45 while I languished in bed. We had an uneventful cruise up the Birmingham Big broodand Fazeley canal, passing this enormous brood of at least 20 ducklings en-route, to Fradley junction where we pulled over and filled with water just before the swing bridge. The chap on the boat in front was upset being moored on a water point as he had completed his fill and was about to set off when his cat, who had been carefully contained for the process, snuck out and hightailed it down the towpath and into a field. Kitty would not be called so chap wandered off to the shop and returned with 4 pints of milk. Kitty hopped out of the hedge and onto the boat. The problem was obviously a milk shortage.

I negotiated the swing bridge and the ShadeHouseLockjunction with ease and grace but no-one was watching – shame! (actually it was easy cos there were no other boats manoeuvring there despite a steady flow through the locks) Up through the locks, all made easier by the volunteer lockies, and onward towards Armitage.

We popped into Rugeley for provisions. Graham found lots of beer making goodies but only bought some brewing sugar for his next brew, but I then gained Brownie Points by finding some ‘non-honeymonstered’ puffed wheat. Answers on a postcard .  .  .  .  .  . 

We left for the short haul past the Taft, still in lovely sunshine, to moor Bishton Hallopposite Bishtom Hall. A peaceful spot by the River Trent where Graham spotted a lovely large Pike resting in the shallows, whilst trying to find a place to set the Crayfish net tonight. Supper of roast beef, oven roasted vegetables and Mr Morrison’s own lemon meringue pie, all washed down with home made Strawberry cider, was taken to the sound of woodland song birds.


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