Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Enormous oyster

Wednesday 26th August 2020

The rain had stopped and the wind had calmed down some-what so we set off upstream at 09:30. A lovely river cruise was orchestrated by the continuing worrying engine noise – more jingling than Christmas!

Windsor Castle

A lunch of oysters was taken while we waited for Penton Hook lock. OK so it was only an Ice Cream Oyster but I’ve never seen so much ice-cream piled into one of these shells before. We then pulled over onto the visitor moorings above the lock for Cap’n to become marine engineer again. His diagnosis was a loose cabin alternator fan rubbing on the casing so it needed sorting.



Brenda carried on playing ‘shall we live in that multi-

The Lucy Fisher

million £ house? shall we have that pretty slipper launch?’ while proper lunch was made. Is envy a sin or what pushes us to strive on? Discuss!  Our lunch today was more food than many eat all day – we are so lucky!
The eFoil under water bits revealed


A pleasant cruise past all that is scenic, and Windsor Home Park and Castle. We moored at Dorney Lake, much to the annoyance of the wasps living in the bank beneath the tree that our stern rope was tied to. We kept all windows and the rear doors and hatch closed all night but still about a dozen had to be removed from within Jannock in the morning.

Filming in progress
 As we passed Boveney Chapel of St Mary Magdalene there were people dressed in medieval clothes and what seemed to be film lighting rigged. After supper, steak pie and a very quaffable red, we walked along Dorney common, passing the chapel. We found out that a ‘short’ was being made about a medieval minister (presumable religous rather that political) and his daughter. It’s sure to have salacious detail! And it’s not very far from Down Place where Hammer Horrors were made.

Tonight’s mooring /// cases.chin.chip

A timelapse vieo of today’s trip is at

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