Tuesday, August 25, 2020

A damp walk around Kingston

Tuesday 25th August 2020

Only four months to Christmas!

Lovely building in Kingston

It blew and rained a hooley last night. Tied up securely to the bank we had no bother although Graham had to find a drip tray to go under the back window, it’s always been prone to leaking when the wind and rain come from the right direction.

Hampton Court

Then down the engine-ole to continue the cabin battery electrics repair (He wears his pants on the outside, but never a cape ;^) One of the batteries was very hot and emitting gas yesterday after the new alternator was installed. It appeared that one cell in the battery was dead – not sure whether that took the alternator out or the act of the alternator failing took the battery cell out. He suspects the former. Battery taken out of circuit we’ll have to see how we cope with just two left.

The best barge on the Thames

Moored in Kingston meant we could go landside and explore once he’s finished rather than sit in and watch the weather. Apart from the usual shopping centre there wasn’t much of note in the town centre. so back to the boat, lunch and set off upstream having given our mooring spot to a widebeam that was looking for somewhere to tie up.

eFoil- electric hydrofoil surfboard



Although not much rain, there was a gale force wind that made progress unpleasant. This combined with a jingling noise now coming from the new alternator gave us good reason to moor up in the wier stream at Sunbury. Not long after we’s tied up a bloke appeared riding an eFoil – an electric hydrofoil surfboard around all the mooring boys opposite the bank where we had tied up before dissapearing off downstream again.

Our Sunbury mooring ///reduce.tubes.cats

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