Monday, August 03, 2020

Easy run to Marsworth

3rd August 2020

After a peaceful rural night, today we had the luxury of sharing with a two handed crew who did ‘things’ exactly the same way as we do. They made all of the locks easy. Their lockside lady even got out a bicycle so that she could assist Graham with the setting ahead – excellent!

PitstoneViewAt Pitstone wharf, the sharp bend was made more complicated by two ‘breasted up’ moored boats just before the apex with a loosely tied widebeam behind. The offside willows are growing over the water again so that the two on-coming craft had very little vision ahead of them. Luckily no-one was mucking about or racing so all was safe and mainly serene.

We said farewell to our sharers as we pulled over to stop at Marsworth (teardrop.resembles.skyrocket) They were continuing up the locks, destination the Wendover Arm.

A video of this trip is at https;//

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