Friday, August 07, 2015

Tis ard work up the barge canal

Friday 7th August

We moved down through the lock onto the waterpoint first thing to give nb Florence time to be up at at em! Suddenly it was like Piccadilly Circus wigth boats everywhere – not easy in Stourport basin. It put us in mind of country dancing with all the forward and back, crossing on the diagonal, face your BoatWashpartner and finish off with a bit of doe-si-doe. At one point we had a queue of four boats for the first staircase lock but once the last ascending boat had cleared we started to move down quite quickly. First Jannock and then Florence emerged out of the bottom lock onto a millpond – also known as the river Severn.

Once out onto the river Graham took the opportunity to give Jannock a good wash whilst clean water was available ;^)

An uneventful cruise down through two locks until Hawford junction where FleetHoltwe turned off onto the Droitwich Barge canal, more new territory for us. Sharing the double locks was pleasant as we were able to be sociable, a rare treat whilst boating, but those big gates were quite heavy to get moving.

We moored for the night in Vines Park, Droitwich. A pleasant overnight spot, not more than a stones throw from FingerPostthe finger post erected due to monies raised during the tenure of one Andrew Dyke (and the luvverly Wendy) as Chairman of Wychavon District Council. An interesting and attractive erection!

We took a wander up Droitwich high street, more takeaways than you can shake a fork at, and a charity shop quarter. A swift pint in the Gardeners Arms and then back to Jannock. A good stop for take-outs, pubs, a Waitrose and Morrisons with water available on the secure (BW Key)pontoon.


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Jennie said...

I hope you waved hello to Droitwich Spa Marina for us Brenda and Graham?! I assume you are going up Tardebigge? When you get to the top you will be fairly close to our home! Take care and happy cruising. Jennie and Chris