Saturday, August 29, 2015

Alas poor Stratford, we knew it well Horatio

Friday 28th August

We left Stratford in the sun, we were ahead of the other leavers and found an easy run up most of the locks before it got busy towards the top of the Wilmcote flight.

Graham wanted to ensure we left the basin before the hotel pair, Duke and Duchess, set off as we didn’t want to follow a bow hauled butty all the way up to Wooton Wawen. It turned out that they were staying in Stratford until next Wednesday and so we need not have worried about the prompt start. The family running these boats are very nice folk, and their dog a delight. The guests we spoke to were all pleased with their holiday. We had Edystonesome good chats. See  It’s great to find people so happy and enthusiastic about their business.

No kingfishers during our trip today although Graham did spot one fishing later opposite our overnight mooring at Preston Bagot. The trip north was a pleasure with the sound of woodland birds as accompaniment. Graham had bought a lardy cake from Huffkins (almost opposite M&S in Stratford) and had declared how good it was. I got to find out a lunch today and NTPlaquedecided its purchase had been a very good idea.

The Southern Stratford canal still has evidence of it’sNotALotOfRoom previous ownership by the National Trust as there are still NT plaques fitted in the walls of some of the locks. Some of the bridges are a bit challenging as well.

Once moored for the night, Graham took the Di Blasi back to Oddingley to fetch the car ready for the next leg of our trip


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