Thursday, August 06, 2015

And in to Stourport.

Thursday 6th August

Wildlife of the day – A buzzard. Sat very still, shoulders hunched, upon a branch not 6” above the canal. Was it fishing, drinking or having a bathe? Perhaps it was doing work experience as a Kingfisher.

GardenWe set off from Wolverley at 9am, just as the drizzle finished and made our way through Kidderminster to Stourport. The bottom gates on Caldwell lock leak so much that even though a boat had just left I had to open all three paddles to get the lock full again. The top gate was a lot easier to close than open ;^)

We moored up behind nb Florence in Stourport, L & J were meetingCaldwell lock someone for a lunch appointment and as we have volunteered to be with them going down the Severn we had the afternoon off. We re-vittled Jannock and then went for the full mooch. Sadly the indian takeway opposite the co-op, a fond and amusing memory from 1999, is no longer; we chose to believe that they’ve done well and moved to bigger and better things. In the town centre we found the best stocked shoe shop we’ve ever seen. They are one pair of gents casuals less now. Down the high street towards the river and Stourport turns into a micro Blackpool with burger bars galore. Pie ShopOn the river bank there is a funfair and a popular park. The sun came out enough for there to be sploshers in the paddling pool and wasps in the jam sandwiches. We returned to Jannock via the marina. The last time we saw the Tontine it was a rather run down building – a hotel? Now converted to homes it looks rather grand. The new housing in that area cheers Stourport up a lot.

The Chandlers had 2kg powder fire extinguishers on special offer – how convenient since we find we need one.

CaRT facilities – free shower, washing machine and drier and a loo. How many people does it take to have a wee? Two – one to wee and the other to lean on the outside of the door so you can lock it for a bit of  privacy. Hint! keep moving or else the light goes out and it gets very dark.

Graham then spent the rest of the afternoon rigging the anchor and mending the decking tiles.


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