Thursday, July 06, 2017

2017 Summer Holiday Day#6

Consall Forge to Froghall and back to Park Lane.

IMG_3282Not wanting to lose the Alde chimney we winded before Froghall tunnel, where we met fellow Cutweb members John and Angela on nb Time Out (possibly a micro-GiG as we chatted for a while) and walked to the basin on the other side. IMGP5032A lovely spot for a picnic, now with a tea shop. We viewed the entrance to the Uttoxeter canal, with a single lock joining it to the Caldon and a basin with six pontoons for mooring.

IMGP5034There was a group of kids learning the basics of canoeing, having a lovely time. They all passed through the tunnel. We were told by a pssing cyclist that much of the land in the valley was given to Staffs County Council in 1990 – that would account for school groups and areas given over to walkers and visitors with the Lime furnaces maintained as visitor areas.

We then set off back up the canal towards Cheddleton. On the river section above Consall Forge we met Neil and Linda on nb Earnest heading the other way to us. It turns out that they had plans to visit the Macclesfield canal and, like us, diverted up the caldon whilst the aquaduct repairs occurred.

At Woods lock we found a gent with a windlass helping boats through the lock. He IMG_3283said that he came to that lock to fish just above it, a lovely spot for that. Then a boat came along selling windlasses. He payed £5 for one and now enjoys helping boats through the lock when he’s there fishing. A fisherman at the next lock asked after him and said the the old guy was thinking about getting a bicycle as all he needs to carry is the windlass. Moto – give up fishing and get fit.

Onto Park Lane where we were both glad of the shower block, a nice long cooling shower each.

Stop Press CaRT hope to have the aquaduct open tomorrow (7/7/17) lunchtime if their leak repairs have worked.


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