Saturday, July 01, 2017

2017 Summer Holiday Day#1

Hartshill to Alvecote

We arrived at Jannock Friday evening and sorted out our stuff ready for a 16 day cruise up the Maccy and back as far as we can get.

It was nice and sunny, reinforcing last evening’s red sky at night, up until the point we cast off towards Atherstone. Then the sky filled with dark clouds and the wind picked up so that Brenda had to go down into the boat to put more layers on. Quote of the day “ brrrrr! wot a scorcher.” from a moored baoter tht we passed. The first of July and people were wearing gloves. By 2pm it was T-shirts and shorts.Tench outside the Kings Head

Atherstone flight was made short work of, there were volunteer lockies on the top four locks and plenty of boats coming up to ease our passage. I only had to turn the bottom lock. The flight is looking well kept with the gardens, locksides and bridges looking lovely, it’s the nicest we’ve ever seen it. At the bottom of the flight we found Tench moored up outside the pub that the Idle Women tour will be performing at tomorrow.

IMG_3237We were told that it was Polesworth carnival today but we decided not to pull over to investigate. As we approached Mill Bridge (53) the band leading the carnival procession passed over the top of it so we stopped stationary in mid-channel in order to watch the whole procession pass. We were waved at and even had sweeties thrown at us from the floats passing over the bridge. IMG_3239

Once the procession had passed, we continued on to moor up opposite the Samuel Barlow at Alvecote. We have a table booked for 7pm to eat and permission to leave our car in the car park for the duration of our holiday. I then extracted the (newly repaired) DiBlasi and returned to Hartshill to fetch the car.


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