Sunday, July 02, 2017

2017 Summer Holiday Day#2

Alvecote to Handsacre Last evening we ate at the 'Samuel Barlow' - top marks! fresh cooked food from a menu with 4 out of 15 options being vegetarian. We were too full to try the desserts by G bought a bottle of Punk IPA to have as a treat when we complete the Bosley lock flight on Wednesday or Thursday. If you want to eat there then we recommend booking as it was very busy. We'd breakfasted and left Alvecote by twenty past nine and followed another boat to Glascote locks. They passed down the top lock and we followed them down. As they were leaving the bottom lock they started to turn the lock for us without spotting another boat arriving below to ascend. We passed them between locks and made our way into the bottom lock where G spotted a plaque bearing the words of the Glascote Bard. (see picture) On through Fazely and onto Hopwas where we passed a boat named 'Brenda May' that had unusual sculptures of Swans made from old tyres on the roof. On through the Military Training Area that was christened "Hooty Wol Woods" by the Jannock crew many years ago. The weather was now starting to improve with the clouds being replaced by a bit of sunshine - unfortunately the cold wind remained. As we passed Streethay we spotted nb Kelpie safely tied up on her mooring - her owners will taking their other boat, Gamebird, to the real Kelpies this week. We stopped for water just before the Fradley swingbridge and once full, turned left at the junction and up through the locks. As we waited for the first lock to empty I managed to get this picture of three ex-Black Prince boats all in a line. We followed a 'rivetless' Hudson boat up through the locks before mooring for a night out in the countryside just passed Kings Bromley marina.

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