Saturday, July 08, 2017

2017 Summer Holiday Day #8

Harecastle South portal to Bosley locks

HarecastleAs the tunnel keepers at Harecastle start at 8am, and we did not know whether

Northbound or Southbound BeingFollowedwere going first, it was an early start for us to be ready to enter the tunnel at 8:30am. We were second in a convoy of about 7 boats but were following an old trad boat. The boat following us had two very bright headlights on, I definitely would not want to meet him coming the other way in a two way tunnel.

We were through and out the of the other end by 9:15 and then turned left onto the Macclesfield canal which Maccyjnctnruns parralel to the Trent & Mersey for a while and then crosses over to head North East. We then ate our breakfasts as we travelled to Hall Green Lock.

We then made our way passed Sherbourne Wharf marina, where we spotted Brian’s old boat Kyle moored up on the outside. Apparently this boat is for sale through Heyford wharf brokerage according to the boat yard man we spoke to. We pressed on to Congleton visitor moorings where we tied up for a shopping trip to town.

PubIntWe were also looking for a particular pub to try but found a beer festival in town instead so we didn’t go to the original pub as it was too far out of town. We did visit the Beartown Cock and the Prince of Wales, the latter had wonderful internal decoration as well as serving a very good chicken balti pie for lunch – Pie and a Pint = result!

Congleton is a god stop for shopping and pubs. All the ususal stuff to buy and a Morrisons as well. Downhill to the town from bridge 76, left past the imposing town hall and it’s all there. IMG_3318

Once back on Jannock we carried on in lovely sunshine until we found the moorings at the bottom of Bosley lock flight (12 in all). The countryside has become increasing nicer, when England’s this good it’s lovely to stay here with no airports to hassle you.

Graham & Brenda

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