Tuesday, July 04, 2017

2017 Summer Holiday Day#4

Bridge 85 Burston to Bridge 14 Hanley

Due to the news that the Macclesfield canal is closed at Bollingdon Aquaduct again - our plans have changed and we are now on the Caldon Canal

We were off at half nine-ish after the early morning rain had stopped, no wind to chill but lots of ominous grey cloud overhead. It om'd until we reached Aston lock and then it rained, just the once, but enough to make Graham put a coat on. I suspect Aston Marina has got a problem with it's drains as there were a bunch of guys busy pumpin poo down by the canal in the corner of their property.
With southbound boats coming on, we passed through Stone, only to have Newcastle Road lock turned on us and just about half a centimeter longer space available on the lock landing due to another boat tied up at the sani-station.
Our plan had been to travel up to Bugsworth basin on the Peak Forest canal but news came along the towpath (literally - G met the CaRT man who had sent the stoppage notice out at 8am as he came out of the office in Stone)that there was a stoppage at Bollingdon until the 8th July but due to the aquaduct slowly subsiding, it may be in-force for longer than that after inspection works. Therefore we decided to do the Caldon canal, a lovely canal, again.
On to Stoke on Trent with the easiest passage we have ever made up these parts. At Stoke Bottom Lock, a boat was just leaving the lock as we arrived, it was nb Lexa with Bernard and Sandy on board, a quick hello in passing and we ascended quickly up to the junction at the top of the flight. Brenda did a very good turn into the Caldon and we waited at Bedford St staircase locks for two boats to descend.
The first, a hire boat with a non-English speaking crew, were about to empty the top lock with the bottom one still full. Graham emptied the bottom lock so that they could descend without flooding the steps. We looked at the CaRT instruction board alongside the top lock and it makes no mention of ensuring the bottom lock is empty before coming down the top lock.
With both boats down we then ascended and went on to Planet lock where graham spotted a shop selling Indian snacks and sweets. Four freshly made Samosas found their way into Jannock's oven to accompany the chicken breast and Veggie curry we are having for dinner tonight. As we passed Hanley Park, a recently felled tree has been carved into models of birds.
At bridge 9 Graham had to hastily remove the lock wheeling bike from Jannock's roof before we trashed it due to the bridge being very low.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser http://nbharnser.blogspot.com said...

I did the weather station in and knocked the Dickinson stove chimney off there. The chimney is stainless steel and it took a little while to find and fish it out with a boat hook. At £250 it had to be found

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser http://nbharnser.blogspot.com said...

That tree wasn't like that when we passed. whatch out for pirates and oat cakes