Saturday, July 15, 2017

2017 Summer Holiday Day #15

Saturday 15th July 2017

Going home day today – G was up and at-em at 7:50am. Just like doing the early airport run. I stayed in bed just like a lazy so and so. Neither of us will do sitting around for a long time in a departure lounge though.ThatTree

We headed south through the drizzle which finally stopped as we approached Fradley junction. We passed down through Wood End lock after the ascending boat left – ideal for both of us as the timing was perfect. Then down to Fradley locks past the scarred tree. We’ve seen a good selection of boats hit that over the thirteen years we’ve owned Jannock.

Only one volunteer lockie on duty at the locks here today and he was sticking to the lock just above the junction. We turned right after a pause while we sat and watched two other boats get their knickers in a twist going round each other at the junction.

Once through the swingbridge, we made our way past Streethay wharf and then moored up on the 14 day moorings (furthest from the Plough) at Huddlesford. Going to be busy next weekend so Jannock will have to stay here for a couple of weeks.

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