Wednesday, June 29, 2016

un-McBoating on Sonya-Day #12

Wednesday 29th June 2016

Today we had a holiday from our holiday. We left Sonya on her moorings and went out in the car to explore the Golf Coast.

First stop was Portobello a seaside location three miles from Edinburgh, which hasIMG_2518 been on Brenda’s wish list since we started planning this trip. It was here that she finally managed to find the sea and the beach together at the same location. What a super place, the beach was lovely and full of children playing and dogs digging holes and fetching balls. A municiple snadcastle make was being held. A lady with her ID card around her neck and a tablet to take name, rank and number was busy rounding up any child under seven and herding them to sandcastle central. As we left Icecreams were being doled out as their reward. Lovely to see.

IMG_2520Just off the beach we saw two lovely kilns, a surfeit of clay led to pottery and bricks being industries way-back in the area. Time for a cuppa, we went into a very yummy-mummy-organic- free from- homemade and natural tea shop and restaurant. There was so much fuss and bother going on with no service obvious that after a few minutes waiting we gave up and went to the “Espy” (or Esplanade Bar and Restaurant) nearby. Much cheaper tea, nothing was too much hastle, the lunches smelt good and what a fun interior. Try it!

I’d love to own a flat on the front at Portobello – I know just the one ;^)

In the rain we set off towards Musselbrough – to see the fishing port. The tide wasIMGP4737 out but we sat in the car, watching the beach and eating our pre-packed lunch whilst avoiding the rain – just like pensioners. Good to get some practice in before we need it. We then drove towards North Berwick along the Golf Coast Road. We then turned about and stopped at the Scottish Industrial Museum at Prestongrange. Over the centuries there was coal mining, salt making, glass, IMGP4742pottery and brick making on this site. It was a pleasant walk around the site where nature is slowly encroaching   upon the few bits and pieces, but worth a visit. A more child friendly museum we have never come across, just go there to use the space hoppers, play swingball or do colouring whilst mum and dad have a cuppa.

As we drove through Prestonpans we saw some of the murals painted on exterior walls. They are mostly historic, all interesting and skilled. Another visit to Musselbrough on the way home to buy some fresIMGP4748h fish for tea. Both the staff who served us and prepped the fish were Thai. So it seemed a good idea to get some Thai style filo prawns & crab fishcakes for our starter plus the freshest ever trout for our mains. Yum.

Back at Sonya and after dinner the rain finally stopped so we went off in search of the Antonine wall and Rough Castle Roman fort. A very pleasant, if slightly soggy underfoot, walk through deciduous woods took us to the edge of the Roman empire, where they gave up and went home to Belgium from here it seems. More Asterix than Caeser.


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