Monday, June 20, 2016

McBoating on Sonya–Day #2

Sunday 19th June

ThePropDuring Graham’s morning tasks (check coolant water, check weedhatch etc.) he found that Sonya’s propellor is very badly damaged with large chunks missing from the blades, no wonder she isn’t very good at stopping or reversing.

We set off from our peaceful overnight mooring and whilst we were heading towards Falkirk tunnel G. spotted an unusual mammal that he could not identify. It was a bit smaller than a squirrel with not much tail at all and fawn/grey colouring. As we do not have Jannock’s reference library on board we will have to wait until we’ve got good internet connection before researching what it was. CouIMG_2324ld it have been a Dormouse?

On into the tunnel, which is very well lit such that the construction and roof geology are clear to see. Unusually, for us, IMGP4651much of the roof consists of flat great slabs of ancient rock. The next feature we passed across was the Avon Aquaduct which afforded us a lovely view down and across the countryside. Onward to Linlithgo where we moored just before the wharf in order to explore the town having beenIMG_2331 told it was ‘quite pretty’. We didn’t expect a palace, birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots, splendid.

The town square adjacent is attractive, the Cross Well. The parish church has an interesting replacement aluminium spire, IMG_2333c1964 on a church consecrated c1242. Then behind the Palace are the parklands, the Peel and a loch. You can walk all around these for free but be prepared to pay to enter the Palace. It would seem we missed the town gala by one day. There were plenty of eateries in evidence.

Walk over, we set off again and G.went inside for a shower IMG_2335whilst I stayed at the tiller for mine – from the clouds. I had a close call with the Linlithgo Canal Centre trip boat, which we had been following, as it suddenly appeared around a corner which I was trying to get round – luckily we could pass on the wrong side. That must have turned around quickly! As G. finished his shower I came across a ‘Yeti’, a floating island of weed, the biggest ever as it completely blocked the canal. All my skill got me nowhere as it did not split and just jammed itself onto the base of the bow post (obviously an eyelet down there for attaching a cable to the boat). With no hacking tool on board G. just attacked it with the boat hook until we were able to drive through it.

Rain stopped play at about 4:10pm as we found somewhere quiet to stop for the night just before the rain changed from drizzle and started hammering it down. As G. types this up at 9pm the sun has just come out.


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