Wednesday, July 09, 2014

July ‘oliday Day #5

Wednesday 9th July

Started the morning with yet another walk around Bath. Brenda had IMG_0444spotted that the Pump house was free admission during the Bizarre walk last night so wanted to have a gander inside. Turned out it is just a restaurant and so a quick glance through the door was all we got. She wanted to look around the Abbey as well but that was closed for a service. Finally we went to the indoor market hall but there was now’t of interest there either.

So, back to Jannock for a 10:30 start upIMG_0445 the remaining locks to the top of the flight. In Pulterney lock Brenda found a side fender floating about, obviously been ripped off of a boat, and fished it out with our boat hook. As we approached Sydney wharf bridge we spied an Anglo Welsh hire boat trying to turn out of the base there. The crew were novice and the staff member was having difficulty turning the boat towards Bradford-on-Avon due to the strong side wind. He moved back again and signalled us to pass by to I offered to take a bow rope and pull them round as we passed.

IMG_0449Having pulled them round we continued on to Sydney gardens where we moored up and went for an explore. As well as the gardens there is the Holbourne art museum there and a children's play park which is ideal if you have small people on board that need to let off some steam at the end of a days cruising.

Garden thoroughly explored, we set off again and soon reached Bathampton swing bridge where I opened the bridge for us and two other boats. After that I made lunch which we eat on the move as usual. After we had passed through Millbrook swing bridge we met the same Anglo Welsh boat at Dundas bridge, their skills had not improved much and so it was up to us to avoid them.

IMG_0458Dodgem corner was empty and no hassle what-so ever. About halfway between the two aqueducts I retrieved a wheeled hose pipe reel from the canal which will do us nicely for the garden at home. As we passed across Avoncliffe aqueduct Brenda spotted a sign for ‘Funnel Blower’ so we decided to pull over onto the 48hr moorings and go explore – result!

Turns out that Funnel IMG_0454Blower was nothing at all to do with glass products, it was a beer brewed by Box Steam Brewery and sold at the Cross Guns public house next to the IMG_0453aqueduct. We tried four of the six beers they had on tap before ending the session with an ice cream and continuing our journey towards Bradford-on-Avon. The decision on whether to stop there or continue on up through the lock was made by finding a convenient mooring spot alongside the Tithe barn and so we stopped for the night.



Joe Crossan said...

Hi Brenda and Graham: We shall be cruising down from Newbury to Bath or Bristol in a couple of weeks. The marinas close by appear full. Can you keep an eye for possible moorings to leave our 31ft narrowboat for 2/3 weeks as we must travel home through Bristol airport. We shall take a copy of your fascinating log with us! Joe

Jannock said...

Hello Joe
From what we see down here the mooring situation is constantly changing. As 14 days is the maximum on any 'non-resticted' bankside mooring it might be worth while checking out the marinas for a short term space. Try Hilperton as they have a nice big marina opposite the ABC base down near Trowbridge.

Jannock said...

We passed some moorings near Lady's Bridge that had plenty of spaces. Tel 07743 926269 to see if they can help you.