Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring 2012 London trip – Day #9

Today the plan was ‘no plan’ and very well it worked too. Being moored opposite M&S HQ inspired me to take the short walk to M&S Edgeware Rd. and spend my Xmas voucher. We don’t have one in Thame (Only the W H Smith voucher I got for my birthday to go, we don’t have one of those either).

Our supermarket of choiceWe did a raid on the local supermarkets for some very un-local treats. We were not tempted by the camel milk, from Holland, but just had to buy a tin of corned lamb! We then took our rubbish for a walk to the skip at Little Venice and wandered back via the office blocks, a small area of green where over-priced sandwiches were being eaten by office workers in the company of annoying pigeons. (If the Tesco next to the bottom of the basin isn’t for you then there is a Sainsburys local up nearer to L.V. The basin also has a Superdrug, Carphone Warehouse and a Post Office next to it as well as all the wonderful shops on Edgeware Rd. which includes a Maplins and a very useful olde w orlde ironmongers for emergencies – like when your corkscrew breaks)

It was decided that we should try at least one local pub so after our lunch on board we went to the Royal Exchange in Sale St. Two hand pumps (both in use), a nice cider and the food menu looked rather good. What we saw and smelled was very tempting – going for an English? Worth a try. It’s almost a theme pub, horse racing.

Edgeware road was our choice for tonight’s meal. We decided on the an electric Hummer?Fatoush (Express), one of two, Lebanese. Here we had the best meal of our trip so far. We’d  picked up a menu from outside their door a couple of days ago so made up our minds before we arrived. Only one course as it was early and we had plans for later. We chose the mixed grill with a side salad and a pot of mint tea. All freshly made to we had to wait a bit (not sure where the Express bit comes from?) The salad arrived, big platefuls, and after a while the grill arrived with even more salad and bread and pickles and sauces. Fuschia pink pickled turnip is just wierd. The salad had been a starter really. We have become so used to the practice of only having the main dish itemised and having to order vegetables as extras. (Extras – hardly) that it was a pleasant and tasty surprise. We ate our vegetables, all of them, and went to pay at which point a plate of Baklava turned up. Yum, so dessert was on the menu, as it were. As we finished the meal, the heavens opened with a thunderstorm so we took our time leaving to let it cease.

a British treasure In the evening we were due to visit the BBC at Portland Place to see the recording of a radio show and had planned to walk from Edgeware Rd. We got there fairly dry and sat next to a chap who had made the same walk due to a tube cancellation but he had experienced the full force of the storm. We enjoyed chatting to him and his lady friend while we waited. Nice to meet you!

Into the Radio theatre and an excellent show recorded in one take; Tom Wrigglesworth – a Sheffield comedian with hair – his series of ‘letters’ to be broadcast In May, 6.30pm on Thursdays on Radio 4. Catch him if you can. The rain held off long enough for us to walk back to the boat. A very good night at the end of a different day.


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