Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring 2012 London trip – Day #10

Time to go home, time to go home, Brenda and Graham are waving goodbye! (You’ll show how old you are if you know the tune to that)

We started the day by posting yesterdays blog and checking emails and found a blog comment from nb Mr David, moored just opposite us in Paddington basin asking us to wave as we went past. We set off and winded at the bottom of the basin before stopping again for a chat with David and Brenda who were just on their way out. It’s all in the timing! Nice to meet you both.

The defunct waterpoints we found last week.Off towards the waterpoint at Little Venice only to be beaten there by an east bound boat so we continued on knowing we could fill up at another before we stopped for the night. We continued on along the Paddington Arm in the sunshine with jealous office workers telling us how lucky we were before stopping at the Sainsburys store at Kensal Green to replenish ship’s stores.   As well as much needed groceries I purchased a case of Spitfire as they had it on offer at £1 per pint.

We left there just as the Terrapin and moorhens showers started – not so smug, however they were light and caused no problems as they passed quickly and I dried out in the sunshine before the next one arrived. We spotted a huge terrapin basking in the sun atop a submerged branch. It must have been dinner plate sized as the picture shows.

The weather improved as the afternoon passed by and so I washed the port side of Jannock whilst we were filling with water at Black Horse bridge. A little further on we moored for the night at Willowtree park again. Lets hope it’s as peaceful as last week.


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