Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Spring 2012 London trip – day #3

A 9:30 start again, and in bright sunshine; a bonus after the overnight rain. Colder though! No complaints as it seems more northern canals have fallen trees curtailing navigation after high winds and Scotland has more snow than is reasonable for April, especially after their heat wave last week.

spring garden at Coppermill lock We moved down through Coppermill lock to fill up with water and then we joined by another boat  fresh out of paint-dock. Brenda felt like she didn’t really want to share locks – too risky for them! but we shared with them to Uxbridge where they were stopping to pick-up some parts that they had ordered – a pleasant arrangement.heron at Coppermill lock

We have entered parakeet territory after  listening to woodpeckers last evening. As we entered Southall we avoided the greening fronds of a willow tree hanging down over the canal. A west-indian boater moored just past the tree asked if we thought we didn’t need blessing. He explained that going under the willow would have bestowed blessing upon us. Graham explained that getting the bike caught in the branches would have deposited it into the cut.

We moored for the night on the Paddington Arm at Willowtree park – blessings be upon us – and fondly remembered Bill Sybley,  who passed away a short time ago, as this was one of his favourite moorings for a BBQ en-route to Canal Cavalcade. We had just made a cuppa when the rain started – it’s all in the timing you know.

Decisions, decisions – roast lamb or steak and kidney for supper? They are both in the slow cooker ready to eat. Mind you, the fab smells here abouts are making us fancy a pile of fresh samosas and some dhal.


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We are in Provence for a few days and it's raining here too
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