Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Spring 2012 London trip – day #2

3rd April 2012 – Kings Langley to Maple Cross

Our overnight mooring was very peaceful being far enough away from the M25 and separated from the railway line by the blocks of flats. Grove Mill We set off at 09:30, the cold being seen off by the sunshine. There were clouds on the horizon though. As we passed yesterdays companions I was sure they’d experience more normal English spring weather today. It was a steady and un-eventful cruise, with a steady stream of northbound craft. Early afternoon we pulled into Rickmansworth Tesco. It was an emergency – I had provisioned for this trip at Majestic last week but then forgot to bring any of the beer I had carefully selected. As we left Tesco it was into the first real rain we’ve seen for a generous couple of months; we’d had a micro shower or two earlier. We moved on a little further and moored up for the night just as more rain started. A downpour, I remember them, just. It’s all in the timing. Not a long day but at least we didn’t get soaked like the crew of Hyperion who’ve just passed us heading north.




KJK said...

Looks like you need a little ballast on the right side.......

Jannock said...

It's OK, the loo tank will soon fill up. Graham