Friday, April 06, 2012

Spring 2012 London trip – day #5

The weather forecast for the next few days dictated that our planned visit to Kew gardens must occur Kew Gardenstoday. Just around the corner to the tube, then onto Kew Gardens station and a short stroll through leafy suburbs and there it was, basking in the sunshine.

Our friend Pat from the garden centre at Waddesden Manor had advised  us to talk the one hour guided walkiIMGP3395ng tour so we signed up for one – leaving NOW!  Good advice indeed. We must have walked miles today and seen many hundreds of plants. We ate our picnic lunch in sunshine so warm that the coaIMGP3383 ts and jumpers were off and we sunbathed a teensy bit. It was a very good visit which we thought we’d round off with a pint at the station pub, but all the hand-pumps were off so we came back to the boat for a cuppa instead.

Aching feet rested a bit, we tidied up and went for supper. The Melur Malaysian restaurant on Edgeware road did us proud. Malay cuisine melds Indian, Chinese and Nonya cooking, best of all worlds. On the desert menu was ABC – a traditional shaved ice with syrup poured over. I couldn’t bring myself to order that as the British Army banned me from eating it, on pain of deportation, when I was about 9 years old. Sometimes I do as I’m told.


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