Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring 2012 London trip – Day #12

What a lovely day weatherwise!

We set off from the Coy Carp just in time to find two boats descending Coppermill lock and leaving it in our favour. We, again, passed through every lock solo today although while we eat our lunch moored below Cassio Bridge lock we espied another Northbound boat approaching so asked them if we could share the Olympic waterbuslock with them. “We are just winding below the lock” came the reply. Is it us? Do I need to shower a bit more often?

We had stopped for gas, diesel and a pumpout at Bridgewater boats and had witnessed the first of the Olympic water-buses being craned into the water at the P&S yard. It then filled with diesel, once we had vacated the wharf, and set off towards London. It was the first of 15 we were told. Maybe they are what all the empty mooring pontoons at Limehouse basin are for.

Passing up through Cassio bridge lock we found a grey boat Inconsiderate mooring moored up on the lock landing with his nose partially blocking the lock exit. It was a good job that the new widebeam waterbus was heading South and not North.

As we ascended Iron bridge lock in Cassiobury park the usual gaggle of on-lookers gathered. Two young mothers with their kids stood lockside. A child asked “ Mum, why is the water going up in that thing?” The mother looked at her friend and said something like “how the duck should I know!” She then turned to her child and announced, very confidently, because the man said so!  The child was happy with that explanation. No need to teach physics in our schools any more then.

We continued on through Cassiobury park to Kings Langley where we found Linda on Earnest (Yes, that one) moored up above the lock so we moored up adjacent to her and should have a micro-GiG tonight once she’s been for her evening meal.

Restaurant revue for Woody’s vegetarian establishment at Apsley from Linda  – a limited menu of mainly crepes and pizzas with two specials, it was very busy lunchtime and evening with a great atmosphere and good service at about average prices. Very good for an organic establishment. Linda had received a recommendation from another boater and would heartily recommend it to anyone else.


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